Lee Shull

Lee Shull, PhD., Toxicologist


Dr. Shull is a professional toxicologist, risk assessor and businessman with over 42 years of experience, including over 13 years as a tenured University professor and almost 30 years as a consultant in toxicology, risk assessment, and environmental science. While a professor at Michigan State University and the University of California-Davis, he conducted research in the disciplines of biochemical and environmental toxicology. He has authored and co-authored numerous research publications, several invited reviews and textbook chapters, and a toxicology textbook. He has instructed a variety of University and professional development courses in toxicology and risk assessment. As a professional consultant, Dr. Shull has served both public and private sector clients providing strategic planning, performing scientific evaluations and assessments on a wide range of settings and hazardous substances, advising major corporations on environmental issues, providing expert testimony in numerous litigation cases and public hearings, providing risk communication to non-technical audiences, providing expert peer review to scientific publications and government agencies (e.g., US EPA, WHO, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry), and guiding clients in complying with state and federal environmental laws and regulations. He has completed environmental consulting assignments in several Asian and European countries. Dr. Shull has been an invited speaker at numerous scientific symposia and conferences on a wide range of environmental topics, has been active in several international professional societies, has served on the editorial boards of several scientific journals, and has served on several national advisory boards. In 1989, he founded and managed an environmental consulting company, which was later acquired. After retiring from full-time consulting in 2010, he has co-founded two more companies in the areas of water treatment technology, renewable energy, and phytoremediation. He has also become a valued associate of C Young Associates. He holds a PhD in nutrition-toxicology and MS in nutrition-physiology, both from Oregon State University, and a BS in Biology from Southern Oregon University.