About Us

C Young Associates (CYA) is a consultancy that specializes in the assessment, control and management of environmental impairment. Our business model is based, not on the technical and trade disciplines of our associates, but on the personal and business objectives of our clients; i.e., the protection of human health and safety and the preservation of assets and capital by preventing and/or controlling environmental-related losses.

Consistent with this model, our clients are individuals with personal environmental concerns and interests, or business and public entities with “assets” in people, land and structures. For either, it is understood that their personal well-being or business liabilities can be compromised from: their home or work environments; their employees, customers and tenants; the land that they own, purchase, develop, manage and/or sell, and; the buildings they own, build, buy, occupy, manage and/or sell. They use CYA’s services in both an offensive and defensive posture; to either prevent or reduce the potential that health or environmental implications will be realized, or to qualify and manage the consequences of such, when realized. In either capacity, “CYA” can represent its more universally understood meaning to its clients!

CYA was founded by Colin Young, a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and representative of the environmental and health science industry for more than 35 years. The “Associates” comprising CYA include licensed and credentialed professionals in Engineering (PEs), Toxicology, General Contracting (GCs), Geology (PGs) and the Environmental Sciences with no less than 30 years of experience, each. Both Mr. Young and these “Associates” are considered leading experts in their technical fields, and have collectively supported more than 2000 legal cases and environmental and construction projects.